What We Believe

Better HR was founded on one simple four-letter word—WORK. We’re obsessed (in a good way) with how companies go about recruiting, retaining, and rewarding people in the name of work.

It all started with our founder. While climbing up the corporate HR ladder, she noticed how challenging it was for companies to create environments where people truly felt empowered to do their best work. She also noticed an us vs them mentality that seemed to bubble up over time to become the normal lens through which day-to-day decisions were made. Ultimately, she noticed these issues were an even bigger problem for small and emerging businesses where HR management was frequently an afterthought—until the inevitable crisis arose, sometimes leading to the company’s demise. With the majority of job creation coming from small businesses, our concerned founder wanted to do something to help ensure their success.

So, Better HR was launched: to help small and emerging businesses solve big problems by getting their people management right.

We provide straightforward, customized HR solutions that empower businesses and their teams to create authentic work cultures where everyone thrives.

We’re here to challenge the status quo of employee relations. We believe there’s a better way to do HR—a way that removes fear from the workplace while celebrating the transformational power of teamwork. We believe healthy work environments feed off of thoughtful, truthful, and clear communication where everyone is encouraged to own their stuff and respectfully speak up. We believe people should be properly honored for their contributions and that each one of us is responsible for how we honor our fellow team members and ourselves.

Lastly, we believe that successful businesses take the time to create ethical HR systems that foster growth and innovation while unequivocally showing that they care about people.

If you believe that too, let’s reach higher and strive to be better, together.

A word from Better HR founder, Heather McCollum, on the unique opportunity that small and emerging businesses have to get HR right.