Perform Better

Build a high performing team:
Prioritizing, Communicating and Building Performance Accountability

This solution is perfect for organizations that:

  • Have difficulty keeping up with the demand of the work and are experiencing lower production.

  • Require leaders to reiterate expectations to team members and micromanage others to complete tasks on a regular basis.

  • Have leaders who are often unable to focus on high-level work needs because there are too many “‘fires” to fight amongst team members.

  • Have a market-driven need to improve the performance of your team.

Better HR will partner with your organization to:

  • Address your most urgent performance issues quickly and legally (up to and including termination decisions).

  • Build a comprehensive communication plan to effectively set organizational, team and individual goals.

  • Identify talent gaps and potential areas where you need to shift labor cost investment.

  • Develop a talent plan to shadow your organization’s needs as you evolve.

  • Outline an on-going process for efficiently managing performance issues going forward.

  • Create managerial communication tools to legally and consistently document corrective action decisions (progressive discipline).

Outcomes of the Perform Better Solution:

  • A repeatable goal-setting process and tools for setting clear performance expectations

  • Leadership consensus for developing performance standards

  • A communication plan to gain individual performer commitment

  • A model for performance check-ins and direct feedback

  • Managerial communication tools to legally and consistently document corrective action decisions (progressive discipline and performance improvement plans templates)

  • A protocol for planning succession around key positions

After working with Better HR, your organization will benefit from having a clear, succinct, equitable performance management process so you can handle employee relations issues and poor performance outcomes with greater ease. Your leadership team will appreciate having their feedback incorporated into expectations and being supported through a clear, consistently-applied performance management process.

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