Hire Better

Build the right workforce:
Sourcing, Recruitment and Onboarding Program Design

This solution is perfect for organizations that:

  • Don’t have a simple, effective process for recruiting great talent.

  • Struggle with getting new hires up to speed and working independently.

  • Have not been satisfied with the results of your hiring decisions.

  • Are dealing with the impact of numerous departures in a short period of time.

Better HR will partner with your organization to:

  • Make sure your organization structure supports the types of roles required.

  • Reframe your job descriptions so that they clarify expected outcomes and target the right types of candidates within your budget.

  • Designate a qualified and high-producing recruiter or equip your recruiter to have more success.

  • Ensure that your hiring managers and decision-makers lead meaningful and informative interviews.

  • Customize your offer and onboarding experience so that your new hire can quickly ramp up and start delivering value.

Outcomes of the Hire Better Solution:

  • A clear, repeatable process for recruiting and onboarding

  • A hiring strategy that will help you target high performing talent in your industry

  • Clarity about your compensation philosophy for new hires, balancing internal equity

  • A strategy for prioritizing additional roles as your team grows, shifts and contracts over time

  • A model for succession planning as other roles become vacant

  • A value proposition for your organization as an employer

After working with Better HR, your organization will benefit from building a consistent recruitment and onboarding process that attracts and supports the highest performing talent in your industry.

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