Our Impact

Better HR took things that could be really complex and simplified them for staff, leadership, and management to help show really clear steps about how things build. Everything Better HR puts out there is very action-oriented. Instead of sharing a bunch of frameworks and ideas, their solutions are very much grounded in reality and what needs to be done.”

~ Hannah Nichols, Director, Organization & Talent Development | Health Leads

Heather and her team come with a breadth of HR knowledge and experience. No matter what we’re talking about within our organization, they are able to pull from experience or connect us to fellow experts in a specific area. When we started with Better HR, we really needed to reshape our systems. They assessed our practices, listened to our pain points, and helped us build out a plan for what to do going forward. Even after the initial engagement, we’ve continued with Heather because she really feels committed to seeing us succeed. There have been some really tough bumps in the road with this work and I feel like Heather is in it in the hard times and good times. That’s a real partner and how they should do the work with you.”

~ Jennifer Valenzuela, Chief People & Equity Officer | Health Leads

Heather offers great insights around how to navigate your career and can deliver it in a way that can be implemented immediately while providing real value. I look at her as a career-long partner who helps me think strategically about next steps. I see a lot of folks trying to figure things out post-MBA or post-graduate school and they could really use the type of coaching Heather provides.”

~ Kiesha Earle, Senior Investment Strategist | Vanguard

Heather is very forward-thinking and really thinks outside the box. She is well-versed in the legality of HR and knows what’s allowed and not allowed. She applies the knowledge to help people think critically about how to solve their challenges.”

~ Erin Shmalo, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition North America Professional Services and Customer Operations | Work Day