How We Work

After the initial consultation, we will make a proposal for tackling the work. Upon acceptance of the proposal, here’s what you can expect:

  1. In-depth Discovery Session
    Now that we’re partners, we will want to make sure our solution has the intended effect. We’ll talk with you and your team about what’s worked, what hasn’t and the desired end-state. Once we have this insight, we will prepare and clear recommendations on where to focus and build our Project/Change Management Plan.

  2. Project/Change Management Planning
    Following our deep dive, we’ll present you with an actionable plan for us to work with you to address your HR needs. Based on best practices for your industry and our team’s experience, we will map out what to do and why so that you are prepared to manage once the project is completed. We will prioritize any urgent issues, but the plan will be designed to address longer-term management practices. Our goal is to not only fix current problems but to prevent recurring issues.

  3. Collaboration and Execution
    Once we’ve hashed out all the details with you and your team, Better HR will develop a final timeline to put this plan into action. You’ll get the who, what, when, where and why to ensure that there’s no confusion or surprises along the way—just strategic, effective and sustainable HR solutions for your business operation.